Dots are not just dots - The polkadots theory


"There is never a wrong time for a polkadot"

With this striking statement from the world famous designer Marc Jacobs, I would like to start this colorful Tantilly blog.

The beautiful retro dot print dresses brings us back to the elegance of the 50s.
To the pin-ups, and the stars of the silver screen such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.
They were already big fans of the dots and colorful dresses.

But much earlier, namely in 1926, the then Miss America Norma Smallwood made a statement by appearing in front of the lens in a sexy polka dot swimsuit.
So we owe everything to this colorful lady.#

And the polka dot has now become a timeless trend.
You can safely say: "an eternal classic"
But what makes this retro polka dot so special?

What does our love for this dot actually explain? it's much more then just dots.....
Do you know it?
I will tell you:

Dots create happiness balance, cheerfulness and other fulfilled feelings. 

The circle is also the most accessible form in the world, and the dots have an endless flowing movement are creating positive vibrations in the atmosphere. 

Because the sharp edges are missing!
They also give elegance and playfulness, large or small dots, they suit everyone!

Shapes with rounded edges are welcoming and more approachable to all the living forms around you, what a happy thought.

The dots are timeless, feminine and always wearable with a feeling of protection.

I can say the there is a big logic between the feeling of wearing black clothes to wearing dots, and it's definitely not the cheerful aspect. ;)

It's by the safety feeling of wearing something which make you feel comfortable, and that is exactly what the round shape reflects to the world.

The circle signifies many sacred and spiritual concepts, including unity, infinity, wholeness, the universe, divinity, balance, stability and perfection.

that knowledge was integrated  in many cultures worldwide through the use of symbols. you can find it in a compass, seed of life, flower of life, triskelion,  a halo, the ouroboros, the Dharma wheel, a rainbow, different forms of mandalas, rose windows, and many more.

And as a small sense of humor..... not to forget the dutch stroopwafel :)))

Basically circles are found in nature all over :)

With the sun, moon and the earth, even a lot the fruit and flowers, also seeds are round and some of our important Organs too.

The round shape represent the circle of life, and is endless, with no beginning or ending, just a endless flowing....

Circles have a free sense of movement – wheels, balls, plates, coins....

Their movement may also represent power and energy. Due to their curved lines, circle are graceful and complete. They give a sense of integrity and perfection.

When they are used, they attract more attention than their right angled counter parts.(Sometimes with the wrong mood and unawareness.

Sharp edges can create the up-down feeling.)

Also in Feng Shui it is popular to use round shapes in decoration because the  round shapes balances everything, creates a save feeling and creates wealth in your home.

On the catwalks you see polkadots  passing by year after year and also this winter the retro polkadot dresses and tops are here.

We at Tantilly too can't get enough and have recently expanded our cheerful collection dresses, skirts and tops with the most colorful retro items in this super cute dot print. 

A true revival, also at Tantilly!
corduroy skirts, cotton dresses and more ......
As icing on the cake, our collection is also supplemented with great retro polkadot dresses in different colors!

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Written by Clasien Bartelds- Pereboom