The first Tantilly Newsletter: Introduction

Hello dear Tantilly-followers,

Welcome to our first real Tantilly-newsletter!

Nice that you're following us!


What we want to do:

  • Inspire you with nice, cheerful and interesting stories
  • Inform you about new collections
  • Give background-information about where and by who Tantilly's really nice stuff is being made.
  • Have nice give-aways!
  • To notify you about discount promotions and about exclusive customer shopping  nights
  • Give you the first opportunity to order our newest collection!
  • Do lots of nice and cool other things!!


Welcome as a new member of our Tantilly Family! ;-)


First, for those who do not follow Tantilly for a long time yet, here a little


- How did Tantilly come about?

- What is the beautiful idea behind the Tantilly-products?

- Who is in Team Tantilly?

- What are Tantilly's plans for the near future?


How did Tantilly come about?

Exactly 10 years ago the then 23-year old Chantal opened her first little shopTantilly, on the Kleine Overstraat in Deventer, The Netherlands.

The word 'Tantilly' literally means  'creativity, handmade, unique' in a Turqish dialect.

Tantilly was a good name for the nice little store, where at first only handmade jewelry and loose  beads were sold.

Later the product range was completed with, among other things, colorful dresses.

Chantal and her mother also made skirts and bags which they subsequently sold in the shop. It became a hit; Tantilly grew and grew!

It soon turned out that there was not enough space for so many colorful products and, in particular, all the ideas Chantal had in her head.

There were a lot of people who asked for unique, colorful dresses and garments in general  and Chantal kept on looking for unique items.

The first Tantilly-shop, it was really small, but brimming with stuff!


Unfortunately, when Chantal wanted to buy  dresses for example, time over time she was dissatisfied with the offer, especially because she wanted to be 'Unique For a Good Price'.

Often the dresses were too expensive or the cut wasn't any good.

Especially for the Dutch woman, who often doesn't wear a size S (36), Chantal didn't succeed in finding anything good.

Often cuts  were very tight and the (better) designer dresses were too expensive.

Also Chantal didn't like it that most clothes were produced in China or in developing countries.


Chantal asked herself the following questions:

- Who checks whether clothes are being made under good working circumstances?

- Who actually makes my clothes?

- Who is really profiting? Who is really earning money?

- Do the workers get fair wages?

What is the beautiful idea behind the Tantilly-products?


Chantal likes to travel a lot and while she was travelling around the world she met a lot of different people.

These people gave her the idea to start producing her own little collections; not by big factories, but by little, nice and inspiring family businesses!

Chantal noticed that there were so many wonderful and sweet people with talent and craftmanship.

Craftmanship that cannot be taken over by machinery.

Chantal experienced that personal relationships with these people in particular, led to the most beautiful products and collections.

All handmade with lots of love! And, what Chantal values most, these suppliers get a good and fair price for their products!

Because of this,  a whole family, and sometimes a whole village, can grow and provide an income for themselves.

Chantal knows everybody personally and so she has sight on all working circumstances. Still she goes on a journey a few times a year to make and and have made a new collection; on these trips she also buys the most beautiful items.

Her concept really was a hit!

The clothes were designed for the Dutch woman and had a really good fit, in particular for the curvy woman.  And, the quality was great.

In Tantilly we thinks that it is very important that the collections are for sale for a good and affordable price.

A good price for everybody, for you as a customer, and for the suppliers as well! That is what we call Fair Trade Fashion!

Tantilly started with 3 kinds of dresses.

Within three weeks all of them were sold out, and winter actually had not started yet! In the meantime Chantal was moving  to a bigger premises with a lot more possibilities; this  also was in the Kleine Overstraat.

This retail space offered a lot more space for more items and the product range was enlarged with, among other things, home- and fashion-accessories. And of course, Chantal chose to add a lot of clothes as well.

Also 'Team Tantilly was expanded.


Who are in 'Team Tantilly'?

In the meantime Tantilly has lived through 10 more years.. and there have been 3 self-designed and produced clothing-collections! Nowadays Team Tantilly exists of  5 women, i.e. Chantal, Karin, Hannet, Ko en Vivi-Ann.


Chantal started Tantilly, now ten years ago. At first you could always find her in the store, busy as a bee. Nowadays you can see Chantal in the store, but not so often; she is doing lots of work behind the scenes.

Chantal is busy with anything that involves social media, like the webshop, Facebook and Instagram. Also she is designing our clothes- and jewelry-collections, together with the other ladies in the team.

Also Chantal is travelling all over the world to buy (or have made) the most beautiful items, and she is organizing a mingle-mangle to make Tantilly more beautiful and nicer for you!! ;-)


Karin has been working for Tantilly for more than 3 years now and we are very happy with her!

She has a great talent for organizing things and  we all appreciate her neatness; because of her Tantilly is running smoothly.

Karin also is contributing in the development of our clothing.

She draws patterns for the up-coming collections and is really active with her sewing-machine!

A lot of handmade products in the store are made or 'pimped' by Karin, and she is doing this with all of her love!


Hannet; we cannot think of a Tantilly without her! We are so proud to have her in our team! She's a real creative lady; among other things she sets up the shop window and the presentations inside the store, and she's doing it with all of her heart and her passion!

Also Hannet is busy with organizing all kind of (necessary) things and, last but not least, she always has great ideas! She gives a lot of useful input when we're developing new models and fabrics and she always has time for a cosy chat! Come and have a cup of tea/coffee! ;-)


Jacoba, alias Ko, is a really cozy person and fits perfectly with the cozy atmosphere in Tantilly!

She is alway cheerful, helpful and a joy in the store. We are really happy to have Ko in our team!

Next to her nice work in the store, Ko makes her contribution by writing beautiful texts, looking for inspiring ideas and everything that comes with text, language and spelling, for the webshop and social media. Please do come and become acquainted!

And then, last but not least, there is Vivi-Ann.

This sweet lady has been working for Tantilly for a while now and comes with a lot of conviviality!

She is always in a good mood and has a good eye for detail! These things make that she is a real good addition to Team Tantilly!

She always likes to chat with you and enjoys helping you find the right combinations. Why don't you come and let Vivi-Ann advise you?


And then there also is Chantal's sweet family; they do lots of things to keep Tantilly 'going and organized'.

Tantilly couldn't have grown so much the last years without all these sweet people.#

What are Tantilly's plans for the near future?

Because Tantilly likes to dream, and is still collecting dreams, there are a lot of things that are going to happen in the coming year.

  • This year there will appear 5 collections in our store, instead of 2!
  • Tantilly will appear on the nicest festivals in The Netherlands. We most likely will be on the Lorelei Festival and on the Libelle Zomerweek.
  • Because of the webshop's success this year it will be expanded with a very large collection of jewelry, accessories and clothing. We already send our packages to anywhere in the world!
  • The shop on the Kleine Overstaat will also undergo some changes: we are going to rebuild it and because of that Tantilly will get a mega-warehouse, an office and a foto-studio! WOW!
  • Because the store will enlarge and will have more square metres, there, most likely,  will be more nice items for you to purchase!


We are so happy to have all of these plans! Hopefully you are too!

At the moment Tantilly is supporting children in Asia.

We 'bring back' a portion of our profit, to e.g. Bali.

On Bali we support a whole family in their living and we also make our contribution by paying the schoolmoney for the children.

Tantilly really has a heart for these people and we want to make more donations in the (near) future to help more  beautiful people.

We want to start educational projects. In this way Tantilly wants to make the world a little bit more beautiful!


Through the purchase of your future favourite dress and/or of the most beautiful and handmade Tantilly-items you automatically make your own contribution and you are really helping us to realize 'Tantilly's Dream'!


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