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Handcrafted / Accessories / Colorful Clothing 

Tantilly is a unique colorful Dutch brand, and an inspiring shop, located in the beautiful Deventer, Holland.

We love to make the world colorful!!

We are a woman- owned company, who stitch, design, create and sell our own products in a lovely shop, with a service with a smile.

Where did Tantilly started?

Everything started in the beautiful Deventer in Holland, in a cool, retro street, the Kleine Overstraat .

From 2009 we started at Tantilly to make the first handmade jewelry- and accessorizes collections for our shop, a small colorful shop with only handmade items.

Two years later, inspired by flowers and retro prints, we started to stitch our own colorful dresses and skirts...just from the kitchen table.

Our colorful, happy customers inspired us to made different clothing designs that fit to all the different body shapes, en to grow until plus sizes.

Step by step we were stitching bigger sizes.

Today we have a large collection which covers the sizes S - 5XL (36-54) and includes skirts, dresses, tops, pants and much more. 

We even started these days to stitch custom made item in the size 6XL and 7XL (56-60).

Tantilly loves colors and patterns, traditional handcraft, ethnic products and unique designs. 

Most of our products are handmade and all the clothes are designed by us.

In our collection are many unique pieces, special, and most are one of a kind or  made in limited editions.

Our colorful Tantilly clothing are designed and made by Tantilly's happy ladies, in Holland and in the last years also in our Fair-fashion small studio's in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey.

Want to know more about our handmade collections in Holland ? click here.

The clothes of Tantilly are all colorful and printed, and made for woman who want to express their femininity by wearing unique and colorful clothes.

Our philosophy is to make the world a more colorful and better place for everyone, that's why our products are only made in small (family) companies where the craftspeople get a good, fair price for the work.

Our work with local artisans helps them to provide a sustainable income each year, which helps to make a positive impact on the surrounding community.

We check all the working conditions ourselves, off course with no child labor.

We use high quality fresh fabrics, which we choose with big care.


Enjoy our website, while we continue to wander the world in search of more mesmerizing pieces of craft / fabrics to share with you and with the world :)

Be unique, it's a colorful word

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Kleine overstraat 45

7411 JJ Deventer, Holland





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