Reverse it to the other side ?

Reverse it to the other side?

It is not a secret that we as women love double uses.

In the last years in Tantilly we were exploring so many kind of fabrics, colors , patterns and more to create the best dresses for you.

And off course the issue which every woman knows was always coming back in the fitting sessions in the shop... i like both of the prints, i can not choose! :)

Later were also tops, skirts and leggings created, and now we start to make even colorful pants, handmade in Holland!

In the last year, between our winter and the spring collection we had a flash!!

How to take it to the next level, and the inspiration arrived from our beautiful double-side silk skirts that we produced for Tantilly many years!!

From then to now we have a big reversible collection cotton dresses and silk skirts, and then also the idea of the double sided cotton skirts were born.

We created a beautiful wrap dress double side made from 100% cotton, which combine amazing prints from the both sides. 
This model is so unique with a beautiful chord which u can adjust on the body... looks so great!!

Also can u choose if you want to strap the chord on the back or front, with a knot or with a feminine bow.. so many possibility's.

How nice it will be for example if your clothing item such as a cardigan will become a dress or a shirt in a second? If in a small spin you got a totally amazing different model with different print.:) ?

When you advance in a new item, it's the same process as a flower, she takes time to be rooted and grow slowly ..

The processes was inspiring. 

In the start it was a challenge to create this new models, so much cutting and stitching before she was the same as in our imagination. The processes of changing toke us more then two weeks every day to try samples, but it was definitely worse it!

The models were so unique ,unbelievable, what a perfection!

Everything is created gently and with much love and care, until the flower was becoming the favorite in the garden. :)

Our wrap reversible dresses become a big success, what an amazing reactions! In the summer it will also be available with short sleeves! 

In this 5 years Tantilly creates her own clothing, we are super experienced with the process of creating. Now we even start the upgrade to a greener place, if you want to read more about this, click here :))

Tantilly love to work with retro- and flower prints combined together to the top level....

Just image...

Combine those two different styles that we love: flowers and retro prints , in the same dress, what a wonderful item it will be!!

We as woman have different moods, sometimes we have a romantic feminine mood... with is nice if we can adjust our clothing to this mood..Sometimes we like to look more cool and sporty.

How cool it is, that most of our reversible dresses have totally different prints combined in one dress? Most of the dresses have one floral side, and the other side is a cool colorful retro print.

We are so proud to be already Sold Out with the first double side collection in single days, and now in this days we are busy with presenting our new spring double-side collection. Available online now!

The new reversible collection have 20 new prints to explorer! Not even that, also 6 more reversible skirts are online, so its means that you have 26 combined prints to explore!!

Enjoy the reversible shopping experience....