What is saying your clothing size about you?

The answer is.. nothing!

You are beautifull just how you are, in any size. There is therefor a big question about larger sizes.

Large Sizes of clothing, also in my size!

For women with a larger size it was almost impossible for years to find nice, colorful clothes, completely in nice floral or retro prints.

For a long time the choice was very limited with dresses and skirts.
Fortunately we have seen a change in this in recent years.
There are many beautiful plus size women everywere, with an average size of 42 to 44 (xl-xxl, today you will find with us till 46 - 4xl ),  that also want to look fashionable and colorful . 

A size plus does not necessarily mean in this time that you only have to hide in formless, solid clothing, dresses or skirts . The stores all over are already full of dark and boring plus size clothing, sometime it is even hard to find a good fit flower skirt or dress !!

We at Tantilly believe that every woman can look beautiful and colorful regardless of body shape or size, and our passion for retroprints and flowers and to make to world more colorful place,also fits for you!
That is why the vast majority of our colorful retro collection is also available in plus sizes. (42-48 xl - 4xl )

In the beginning we started with cheerful dresses and skirt's up to size XL.

In the recent years we had such a huge demand for a size XL ,XXL, (42-44 ) and we decided to add this size to our handmade range.

We even received from colorfull ladies handwritten cards about how much you enjoyed our plus size dresses and skirts, and how grateful you were that finally, cheerful, colored clothing in larger sizes was available.

From now on the plus size not only skirts and dresses in Tantilly collection, from now also tops, cardigans and more retro and flower clothing...

We combine retro print dresses that are beautifully designed on the body of the plus size woman, and are fiting not too tight on the abdomen and hip.

On the contrary emphasize other body parts, such as the beautiful neckline, or the flared skirt are getting the full attention.

More then a year we have the size 3XL, and this is also a great success!

A whole new client group has been added to Tantilly, a group of cheerful, colorful ladies who also love retro  and floral prints.

And even in the last season, we even made some articles up to size 4XL! Inspired by retro clothing and flower vibes, with many prints and soft materials. And again lots of great reactions from you for Tantilly!

We make the world colorful with you, thank you!


Many curvy ladies have already found their way to Tantilly and pregnant colorful ladies are also very happy with them, for example, the Twisted Tops and wrap dresses from our extensive collection.
These are also completely breastfeeding friendly due to the overlapping part, which you can easily slide down.

Partly due to the versatility and ease of wearing of The colorful Tantilly clothing, the customer base is expanding enormously, not only through our cheerful Tantilly store in Deventer, also online sales are booming, with shipments all over the world!
In short, if you are looking for cool, colorful and durable retro or flower clothing with a great fit, which is also produced in a fair way with a lot of love in our own Fair Fashion atelier, then visit our cozy, packed shop with a large collection of retro and flower prints for plus size, and soon even a nice polkadot collection! Available in sizes  S- 4XL.


Clothing in larger sizes no longer needs to limit you in your sense of fashion.

We do not take part in masiv prudaction, Tantilly's that colorful and retro prints look good on everyone!

We would like to advise you to choose the perfect dress, skirt or any other clothing item that will be perfect for you, in the shop in deventer or via our good customer service online!

Send us an email or a message via Facebook and we will gladly think along with you! We help you to make a complete set if you like, including matching leggings, vest or accessories.
So celebrate your curves with colorful clothes!
You are beautiful!!!!

we make the wold colorfull

Article by Clasien Bartelds- Pereboom

Ps, more inspiration? Color your World - Tantilly Colourfull

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