The Change Is Here! a story of a book :) !!

We love beautiful dresses, we love fashion, retro flowers and much more ...

We love mother nature!

One of the days, it was as a light in a dark room.

We are always busy with recycling in our personal life, so how can we create a better system for Tantilly as well.

In our home we are always separate the garbage, between carton, plastic and more.. but this felt not good to be not aware about giving Tantilly a greener origine.

We almost stop with all kind of plastic packages and with giving plastic bags ; we switched the carry bags to recycled bags that are made from old fabrics and recycled paper, as well as our shopper bags, and  are still doing our best to make a change!!!#

We will do our best that on the end of 2020 we will not be using any plastic by Tantilly !!

But it cannot be over here...

We are in Tantilly believe in creativity!


In the last few months we started two amazing projects, but we are going to tell you in this article only about one of them... 

Our new green recycled books🌱🌱🌱

In one of the days in a designing day in the studio i saw that there was so much leftover material in the process of our spring clothing production .

How could it be, that all of those small pieces of this beautiful cotton fabric will be trash?

From now on that's changed! In every visit to the studio, i started to take all the beautiful fabrics from the ground after the fabric was cutted.

In the same time I tried to think about something unique to do with that, which had to be super unique.. when and if i could made something special from the rests of the beautiful fabric of the dresses..  so many thoughts. 😁

I found an amazing person who makes in a homely place handmade recycled paper, and then with a very cool team-work together with the family of the man(it was so great!) we created a vision

A vision how everyone together could made that beautiful Tantilly books!

The paper is made from recycled paper,wood, leaves and rests of fabric!

How nice is that!

After a few extra quality tests of the cover of the book, we created together a perfect product !!!

And nothing is computerized , even the product information that wrapping the book is printed on recycled paper.

We make so many people happy, and this is just the start, because now its will find the way to you, our colorful customers.

So much love...

We are so happy !!!!

Ps, a small spoiler to the next article we will write..

Sometime the leftovers fabric that we used for making the books was too small to  the book cover ... that's how we started our second green vision .... this is a different story.. a story of a Beautiful Cotton flower ....🌺