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Anyone who has known Tantilly for some time knows that we make and sell fair trade women's clothing in a sustainable way through our web shop and in our store in beautiful Deventer.

One of the basic features is that the women's clothing is designed in our own studio and it is made for us in the Netherlands, Turkey and India. We visit these workshops ourselves and everyone gets a fair price. We also help different families in Thailand, India and Bali, an example is described earlier in this blog.

Another characteristic is that our clothing is cheerful and colorful. Did you know that colors have different effects on our brain and emotions?

There are different kinds of colors, much more than just the rainbow. Some colors make you happy, cheerful and secure. Other colors match other emotions such as passion, desire, gratitude, safety, love, inspiration, hope, romance and much more. Each of these emotions is therefore partly triggered by color.

If you like to know what effects different colors have on yourself and your environment, read on! First you get a list of the effects per color. We conclude this with Tantilly tips!

Blue is the color of clarity and inner strength, thoughts and feelings. If you are sad it is recommended to use this color in your clothes. You turn blue on! In business appointments, it can also increase trust and concentration. Just think of Mark Rutte during the press conferences surrounding the corona measures. He often wears a blue suit: this radiates reliability and confidence.

Blue is the most preferred color among people, it is at the top of the confidential colors. This is because it is the color of the sea, this environment makes us feel relaxed and therefore works very well on us mentally.

The blue color encourages you to be active, help people around you, stay in a relaxed mood and exude positivity. In the different types of blue, light blue and turquoise provide an extra “zen” feeling.

The color yellow makes you feel optimistic and happy! It is the color of hope and sunshine. Nice huh? Strengthen your inner strength with yellow, this will enhance your friendships and it will bring you joy.

Yellow is the most energetic color of all warm colors. Other warm colors are red, brown, coral, army green, rust orange and beige. This warmest color also ensures self-confidence.

Do you like so much yellow too? Besides that it gives us a nice feeling, it also does something with our brains.

When we see this color we make serotonin, this happiness hormone ensures that all positive thoughts and experiences become even stronger. So yellow is joy. It makes you feel relaxed and it stimulates the creative side of your brain. You get inspiration for this and an open vision.

This fine color also strengthens the bond between you and other people, you will radiate positivity and people love that. So yellow is for everyone!


Purple is the last visible color in the beautiful rainbow spectrum between striking blue and magical violet.

Purple is connected to creativity, spirituality, mystery and wealth. Lighter varieties of purple create a relaxed feeling for the viewer. Bright purple again provides a more luxurious feeling. The lighter the color purple, the more romance and mystery.

Besides that the color gives you a luxurious and unique feeling, it also stands for individualism, specialty, self-confidence and a lot of wisdom. It ensures that your imagination develops. It is therefore recommended to combine different shades of purple in children's bedrooms.

Everywhere you look, flowers, gems, wine, tree leaves when they change color, everywhere you will find purple and it will make you feel magical!


Think of the sunrise and the beautiful sweet sun that starts to shine in the early morning ... isn't this color everyone falls in love?

Pink represents femininity and romance. Love and sensitivity, joy for everyone who gets to see her. This romantic color creates a “sweet” feeling, like flowers would smell in our thoughts. Pink gives a positive feeling. It is not without reason that the expression "live on a pink cloud".

At Tantilly we love pink. In fact, we love it! We have different types of dresses, skirts and even scarves in this beautiful color or with which you can combine them with fun!

Red is the color of strength and immediately makes you stand out in your environment. This powerful color may not be quickly chosen as his or her favorite, but this strong color also works on our brain.

Do you want to stand out? Wear red! Because this color ensures that your brain wakes up. So you can use this color well in your workplace. Think of a traffic light, you don't wake up from that red color, do you? For an exciting meeting where you really want to be heard, it is good to wear something red at the top. You can use this to boost your point even more, thus influencing the brain of your audience.

Besides strength, red is also the color of love and passion. The colors pink, purple and maroon coincide with red in this genre as well. If you travel to Asia you will also see a lot of red.

A fun fact is that most men are attracted to women who wear red because it shakes the brain as you read earlier. In addition, it seems that the color red slows down time in your brain, so you have a nice date that you actually hope will last a long time? Then wear red too!

The color orange belongs to the family of warm colors. Orange provides comfort, warmth, safety, friendliness, vitality, passion and pleasure. This color also enhances the feeling of fun and happiness. With orange you put your head above the gray mass.

Orange in your life makes you sharp and focused.

Orange consists of a mix of red and yellow and that makes the following so interesting: the red is lively and just like the red, orange also makes you stand out. The yellow spreads a blissful feeling and for that it radiates joy and happiness wherever you go. The orange color creates an effect that increases the oxygen content in the brain. In addition, this special color makes you want a nice meal. Orange is a powerful color that can increase your concentration focused on physical objects. Say yourself, in an orange dress you look more energetic than in a brown one?


Focused on harmony, earth, love, freshness and balance. Green started at the beginning of the world, green belongs to nature. From the beginning of time one has received a wonderful gift from the world, namely nature. We can all enjoy this every day. Green is first in line for relaxed and pleasant feelings.

We may not even realize it, but when we go on vacation, for example, what we will remember are the beautiful nature spots. Together with this beautiful memory you keep the relaxed feeling you had.

Green is most connected to the sense of calm and balance. This natural color also has a healing effect on your mind, which is why it is a very good color to have at home. It is best in the form of real plants, but green accessories or a green wall also do a lot.

For the color green, it does not matter which color green you wear exactly. Any color green, think sea green, bright green, apple green, grass green, moss green or army green, the color will always give a perfect balance in your brain.

An object is black when it does not reflect light. Therefore, strictly speaking, black is not actually a color. Nevertheless, we will include this commonly used basic color in this blog. It creates a sense of emotional and physical security. It also stands for seriousness, professionalism and mystery. The color black defines the personality, it is a beautiful protective color. If you don't want to stand out in a group, you like to wear black clothes.

The black color is the most powerful color and as soon as you start to combine it with another color, the powerful will decrease somewhat. That's good, because too much black can make you sad, angry, unhappy and anxious. In addition, it dresses black and gives a slender effect.

The black color opens the mind for the clearest communication.

At Tantilly we love a lot of color and we use black as an accent on a colorful garment or as decoration. However, you can also find many black basic pieces with us, such as leggings, short and long sleeve tops, sandals and cardigans.

The color maroon is a shade of red and brown-red.#

A passionate color created by the mix of the colors red and blue. It is not a strong and powerful color, but very warm. We are attracted to this by the color red and radiate beauty and warmth.

The same as red, maroon is also the color of love, it opens your mind and develops creativity. Ambitious and feelings of self-confidence will arise when you see this warm shade.

You will find this color regularly at Tantilly, such as in our new spring dresses or our cotton recycled flowers!

The color brown symbolizes the earth, strength and stability. It literally feels warm. Do you also have that feeling with the color brown? Just walk into a wooden house or room and you will literally feel overwhelmed by warmth and strength.

Friendly feelings, a friendly atmosphere and self-confidence convey this color.

In brown you come across as reliable and practical. In brown you feel grounded and do not allow yourself to be so distracted.

At Tantilly we use a lot of brown, think for example of that nice dress or wooden work. Some of our jewelry is made of brown leather, brown cords or wooden beads. We are happy to bring the heat inside you.


We welcome the last color of the beautiful rainbow.

Violet creates a balance between the spiritual and physical energy.
You may ask yourself, are lilac and violet the same colors?

The color violet is not like that intense as lilac, but they are fairly synonymous with each other.

Both colors are the same effect, think of the energy, mystery and richness as the base color purple.
What is nice to know is that violet has a direct connection to the part of the brain
which stands for fantasy. In general, all shades of purple are associated with dreams, fantasy and also special moments.

The opposite of the color black. Yin & Yang. You stand out with the color white. Think of the purity of white, the easy and open feeling.

White is a pure color. Doctors and other medical personnel wear a lot of white, because it gives a hygienic appearance. Also consider the environment in which they work. It appears sterile. A white dress or white pants exudes perfectionism and freshness.

Below some colorful tips by Tantilly:

Tip 1: Wear clothes in the colors that suit you! Every skin type is different and can have one color better than the other. If you have the opportunity, have a color analysis done. You go home with your own color chart, which makes shopping easier. I don't know anyone who has all the colors right. Our team in the store in Deventer also knows a lot about this and can always advise.

Tip 2: Colorful, one color, retro or that nice floral print? If you do not have a business dress code, wear something where you enter yourself well! Play with different colors and prints, there is no limit. If you feel good about it, you will automatically stand up straight and be more confident in life. You can receive the compliments warmly!

Tip 3: Do you really want to stand out? Think orange, which provides friendliness and comfort, this gives you a unique look. Orange contains the color red, which ensures that the effect is strong yet subtle. It is nice to combine these colors together with some nice prints so that your garment becomes even more special. Not like the orange? No problem, just think of the green color, it is also unique! Green is beautiful because of its balance, the color of nature, harmony and of course green is also striking. If you consider how many people enjoy the beautiful nature, your green garment will certainly stand out.

Tip 4: A type that does not want to stand out too much, but likes to wear cheerful clothes? Would you never choose a bright red print? Then grab garments with blue, brown, or maroon as the base color. A retro print or flower in the fabric makes it different, but you don't have to feel uncomfortable.

Know that whatever color you choose, it will immediately affect your own mood and that of your surroundings. They can cheer you up or provide you with more balance, love, joy and confidence. I can go on like this for a while because colors do a lot more with us, even if you don't notice it, color has an effect on us. So this blog is far from complete, but it also had to be legible .

The world we live in is not always as colorful as we would like or wish. We can bring and add some color in our own world and life. So finally this tip and motto at Tantilly: don't miss a chance to bring some color into this world!

Colorful greetings from Tantilly