Beauty is a strange concept, isn't it.
It is a word which is popping up everywhere, and attached to different topics.
Clothes, Hairstyles, Body form, General Objects and subjects that we can see, listen or feel.
It is a word to describe something that we find beauty - full.
Beauty is something that we admire, but what is the definition of Beauty?
The Beauty image of society changed in every couple of years in a trend,
and depending on our beliefs and conditioning, we all have different views on what we find beautiful and what less.
Do you find yourself Beautiful?
If yes or no, Why?
What do you find Beautiful about you and what do you find less beautiful?
The concept of Beauty and Self confidence, I observe to be very linked together in many of us.
What if we for a moment take away the concept of beauty away from how we view ourself. If there was no way to rate or compare
yourself to any standard of "beauty".
How would this change the relationship to your self-image?
Think about it,
if there was no possible way to judge or praise ourself, we would just exist, and be. Naturally how are.
With no goal, to be anything for anyone or ourself, like the concept of beautiful.
What if we in return replace the concept of Beauty, with the concept of Uniqueness.
HA! So, try to look at yourself, and judge or compare your self now.
You are unique with every aspect in your self.
Have you ever met someone who is in their behaviour natural and confident, walks with their body in a unbothered confident way
and is just who they are naturally,
Thats so attractive, isn't it!
They don't bend their back and lower their head, speak quietly out of shame, And they don't scream to be the loudest and
present themselves like a desperate peacock.
Instead they have surrendered to who they are, and own their uniqueness. With confidence.
Because they stopped to run after the concept of beauty and fit up to these individual standards,
they become Themselves,
There exist models more and more, aswell in our society, who have all the aspects that used to be seen as "not beautiful"
If Unique becomes the new Beauty, then wow!
We are already there, Perfect, since the day of our birth