The Tantilly wardrobe from Annemiek!

What a nice article we got from one of out sweet favorite customers annemiek & every day Tantilly !

The Tantilly wardrobe from Annemiek!

Today we can take a look in the wardrobe of a Tantilly fan!

First of all, this photo.

These are items that Tantilly also has. Customers sometimes receive the small notebooks with their order. Tantilly likes to pamper customers with a nice extra when ordering.

These booklets are made from scraps of fabric, so nothing is wasted!


It really appealed to me that Chantal was looking for sustainable and affordable clothing that is made in a good way. ”
A Tantilly fan cannot do without the cardigans, leggings and flower belts!

The Ikat cardigans are extremely popular among the fans.

They are great, stretch nicely and come in a lot of colors.

Leggings are indispensable if you like dresses and skirts.

The Tantilly leggings are great, come in many colors and do not pinch the stomach.

It looks like Annemiek already has a number of them! And you can get those nice flower straps with your order!


This way you can combine the Ikat cardigans with your outfit. Looks beautiful Annemiek!

“In these 2 years I have met the Tantilly group, seen the store and it is truly 1 warm bath that you end up in.

It's so beautiful to experience this. Everyone hands out compliments and gives advice when necessary. ”

A nice collection of Tantilly tops is in a row here.

Plain tops, ideal to combine with a skirt with a print, and also nice print tops.

What a beautiful collection together.

I'm a bit jealous of this list.

The Tantilly skirts are just so cool! Again, the cool reversible skirts with super nice prints are hanging here.
"My closet is brightly colored and I am happy with all the live passes where new collections are shown on Sunday."

These are also two beautiful shirts.

These types of shirts are ideal to wear with jeans or the new Tantilly pants. Nice and basic, yet bright and just a bit more fun than a shirt from, for example, the H&M 😉

To be jealous of, right ?! Wow, what a splendor of colors together.

You have good taste Annemiek! (although you can't really go wrong with that at Tantilly of course ;-)).

Super nice that we were able to see your Tantilly collection Annemiek. Thank you!!