How to reshape your mind to Selflove

How to reshape your mind to Selflove
Have you ever paid attention to this voice in your head that speaks, constantly?
Almost unnoticeable we are thinking and having opinions out of belief systems , about everything we see, feel, hear…
Where do these thoughts come from? 
They are a sample of our unconsciousness: Memories of our experiences & formed opinions about how we experienced them, irrational and rational self protection mechanisms based on that memories, and even characteristics of our parents\people which has a big influence on us.
Baseline: They form our Belief systems  
Belief systems can be conscious, so that we know these opinions and way of thinking that we have about different topics.
Just so when not even more, they can be very unconscious belief systems.
They are the stream of thinking which is so automatic and underlying that we almost not hear this thoughts running through our mind.
When it comes to self love and here in this blog specifically about our Selflove in relationship to our body we want to take a close observation about our “opinions” about that essential topic.
Imagine how it feels if there is someone next to your ear, talking unloving, criticising and punishing to you all day.
Or then someone who is talking out of love to you, supporting, empowering, calming..
Can you imagine the difference?
  1. Now in this section we want to make these belief systems first of all from unconscious to conscious.
Here are two techniques that can make you see clearly what your thought stream says about your belief systems
Get yourself in front of a Mirror
Have very alert ears, like you want to hear the whispers and all details that will be now going to be said in your mind, through thoughts.
What are you hearing?
What statements are your hearing? What is the tone of the voice that says these thoughts?
Write them all down, Specially the strongest ones
  1. Reshaping the contra-productive Belief systems to the polarity of self love Belief systems 
When looking at the Statements that you heard in thoughts about your body, how do you feel?
Are there thoughts that are contra-productive  to self love? \Would you talk like this to someone you love?
Do you want to think that way about your self?
Are there thoughts that are self loving?
Lets take the contraproductive thoughts, 
Read them out loud from the paper where you have written them down in front of the mirror.
These are the believe systems we from now on want to be super aware about. 
To not continue to just take them as our unaware opinions.
In the world of thoughts it is all about focus.
We want to achieve that our focus and energy is not in the unloving believe systems, but rather is nourishing our Selflove.
So now take a second paper and give a response to the “negative” thoughts.
What do you want to believe instead?
What do you want to focus on instead?
What would you say about your body and self if you were your best friend?
To take the power of our focus and energy away from these contra productive  thoughts, we have to consciously catch them, when they arise.
And without any violence of pushing them away - Simply answer that they are Not true & instead, repeat the self loving statements that you know about your self.
If you do this again and again, 
Mabey even hang the papers next to your mirror or 
Create a Mantra (A scentence that you can repeatetly say) or 
Have an object that you can relate to your selflove (can be any object that you carry with you or an image of it on your phone screen or in your head)..
you anker in more and more the self loving belief system, until this is what rules your mind.
It will automatically make your internal happiness blooming and bring you confidence, attractiveness and so much more love into your life. 
Because in the end, the most important and impactful relationship you have and the person your talk to most, is you.
Much Love!
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