Work in progress... planting trees can be so exiting and powerful!

It is always a very satisfying feeling to create a whole new collection of new summer dresses and other retro clothes!

For the ones who don't know me, my name is Chantal, and i'm the founder of Tantilly. I design all the clothes and other products of Tantilly and we are making them in different stitching studio's all over the world. In the last years i develop some other passion like gardening and nature, and i connected with an amazing group of friends who as well love the nature.

We created a plan to plant trees together  and create reforesting in Middle- Portugal. Our mission was to regrow the nature, give back our part to the nature, to the bees, the butterflys and more..

In the last few month we are very motivated to plant more trees and bring a major effect to the nature, and then the idea of connecting you, the colorful ladies of Tantilly to this amazing project was born! 

In the last 2 month we planted more then 200 trees, and all are directed by you. We had actions in our webshop Tantilly that every order that month get a tree after their choice. How exciting you woman were, to know that that specific tree would be planted in your name! We, that means me and the entire Tantily team, including all our clothes makers, are super thankfull for you to take a part and use our special discount code: PLANTINGTREE

With this special discount code, we will keep on the option open for you, to also make a change. You can use it with your next order, and let a plant get planted in Portugal under your name. :)

We well keep this project open intill this beautiful vision will create a very big positive impact! We believe to plant trees and take carefor nature is a beautiful, and nessacary thing today. :)

We would love you to join our projects!

For more information, read our blog section, for more blogs about this project, and about all our amazing projects! We have many... ;)

A colorful and green world starts with yourself. :)

Lots of love, Chantal and the team of Tantilly