Witch body shape i have?

Beauty, inspiration, your own figure shape 

Note that each figure is unique and special, so it will not be entirely rectangular or round. Look at the 'shape' where you can choose to read about the shape that you are more feel fit in.

At the bottom of the blog you will find styling advice for the small and slightly taller woman.

Once you have selected your shape, you will receive tips on how to dress appropriately for your shape.

In addition to each shape, we asked Tantilly ladies if they would like to pose as an 'example' of the shape.

I did this so that you get an idea of ​​the shape and a nice way to style yourself!

Before you look further, don't forget that everyone is unique in their own way and that this is beautiful, make sure you feel good that is the most impotent :)

The pear shape

Check list:

  • Narrow upper body
  • Lower body is the center of gravity

Ladies with this shape have striking hips, slightly slimmer legs and a nice waist. The shoulder section is the narrowest part of the body.

The bust is finely shaped. The belly is flat.

Accentuate lower body?

  • Wear high waist jeans or a tight skirt with a shaping effect. This puts the emphasis on the hips and buttocks. It is important that the pants form a whole with your upper body, so the waist must fit. Legging is also excellent for this. Combine this with a bright top and you are completely in style!

Accentuate upper body?

  • Wear pants or a skirt in a sober color. Preferably with the front pockets, this prevents your hips from looking wider. Use busy prints for the upper body, this will draw attention to your upper body.

 zomer jurk ivana

Want slimmer look?

Then wear dresses with an a-line.
You make your legs look slimmer by going for pants or a skirt that flares wider at the bottom.


The straight shape

Check list:

  • Rectangular lower body
  • Shoulders and hips are equal to each other
  • Normal bust
  • Slim legs and arms
  • Straight hips are not noticeable

Ladies with this shape appear rectangular and hardly notice the female shapes. The arms and legs are slender. The bust is fine.

you can style it nicely...
To get more waist, it is best to go for accessories that emphasize your waist. Think for example of a skirt that falls at your waist with a nice belt.

A dress can also look very feminine, go for the model that flares wider and wow! Wearing wrap dresses, blouses or cardigans with a button closure suits you very well.

Be sexy, you can wear clothes with an open back or a deep neckline, this emphasizes your femininity.

Do you want wider shoulders? think of those nice puffed sleeves.


 The apple shape:

Check list:

  • A general round appearance
  • Slender legs
  • Modest buttocks
  • Fuller bust
  • Most weight on the upper body and waist


Ladies with the apple figure have a general round appearance.

The abdomen is present and the hip is as wide as the shoulders.

The legs are slender.

Beautiful lady, your legs may stand out!

Wear nice short skirts or trousers with a nice print.

This way you accentuate the legs, your plus point! You can experiment with fabrics, such as nice ribbed pants, velvet or leather. Pants with straight legs look good on you.

Oh ... and don't forget your waist!

Wear a blazer, nice jacket or a fitted cardigan, this creates some waist.

To break the 'round' you can wear a wrap blouse, a top with a v-neck or round neck.


Sand clock shape :


  • Hips, shoulders and waist are about the same width
  • Full buttocks
  • Fuller bust
  • Narrow waist
  • Figure the hourglass!

Ladies with this figure shape have the ideal female figure.

This shape is very popular with the ladies, because of its beautiful curves. Femininity at its best!

Beautiful lady, your waist is strength!

Wear tailored jackets, tops and dresses. It should fit nicely so that you emphasize your feminine shapes. What you also like are height waist skinny jeans or leggings.



Do you want to put less emphasis on your hips?

Then make sure you do not have any pockets on your hip area or just below the waist. This emphasizes the shapes.

Do you want to hide a bit more but not too much? wear a nice wide sweater with leggings or skinny jeans.


The inverted triangle shape


  • Athletically built
  • Center of gravity is above, wider shoulders than the rest
  • Straight waist and narrow hips
  • Average bust
  • Slender legs

Women with this figure shape are blessed with an athletic build and slender legs. You can really see your body as an inverted triangle.

Want to create a little more balance?

If you want to expand your wardrobe, think especially about emphasizing your lower body. You want to shift your attention to the legs. Buy nice pants and skirts with a striking print or fabric. Here you choose a calm tone for the upper body, so that it is less noticeable. Make sure that your pants do not fall too high otherwise you shift attention too much to the waist.



Want to shift your attention to the legs even more? go crazy and buy some striking shoes. These again shift attention to the lower body. In addition, a v-neck top also ensures that your shoulder width is less noticeable.


The little woman

Women who are below the average Dutch height of 1.67 cm are considered the somewhat smaller ladies. Funny fact, I also belong to that with my height of 1.59. Not bad at all because you can dress yourself there.

A handy tip to take into account in your styling is that horizontal stripes make wider, vertical lines make longer. So do you want to look a little longer? Then vertical stripes are very good for you.

Also think of close-fitting clothes, this is best for a small woman. Large, wide clothing is not so flattering for small ladies.

 Heels, right, do you already have them? they really provide length. Check!

When buying clothes, think that you don't play too much with different colors, because this breaks your outfit and can make you look smaller. Experiment with some nice accessories and you can go all the way with it.

Do you like to wear nice dresses and skirts just like me? Please note that the skirt or dress falls just above the knee, then it is nicely proportioned.



The slightly taller woman

Are you taller than 1.80, then you fall into the category of taller women. What is very nice about this length is that you have many options in your choice of clothing. Fun!

You can dress pretty cool, think of a pair of cool baggy jeans, this is because you have more volume in the width and that therefore distracts from your height. Horizontal stripes in your clothing also provide width, which breaks your outfit so that you look less tall.

What also breaks in your outfit are bright colors, making you look optically smaller.

Large accessories are your best friend, think of large bags or large jewelry. Everything here derives from your height.

You can wear long dresses and skirts, along with a bright print and nice sneakers or sandals. It looks good on you, beautiful lady.