The favorite Tantilly clothes with Mariëlle

Tantilly fans of course all have a favorite item in the closet.

A piece of clothing that you might just take out of the closet to wear a little more often than another item of clothing.
Or perhaps an item that has a special meaning for you or that makes you feel most comfortable.

Which Tantilly piece is that for you?

Mariëlle, who has been on this blog before, shows her favorite item of clothing today.

Mariëlle's favorite garment:
"My favorite Tantilly garment at the moment is the double-sided skirt.

I bought this a few weeks ago when I was asked to participate in the live fitting session in the store.

There were several sets that I was allowed to show and I fell in love with the print.

Mariëlle has indeed already participated in the fitting sessions of Tantilly.

These are live sessions that you can follow via Facebook on Sunday morning.

Or in the Tantilly YouTube Channel.

In those fitting sessions, various models, fans like you and me, show the most beautiful Tantilly outfits.

Because the ladies are all different in length and size, you as a viewer get a perfect picture of the beautiful clothes.

You can watch from your chair and you may see a favorite item of clothing that you would like. Ideal!

Mariëlle wore this beautiful skirt during such a fitting session and fell in love immediately.

I understand that, the print is also super cool! And the reversible clothing from Tantilly is also a favorite for me.

What is your favorite Tantilly garment?

Love Hilde